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About Us


VIVA A and M was established in 1992 with the sole aim to facilitate customers and offer an espressountasted until then by the Bulgarian consumer.

The first company in our market started sup- plying their products to perform repairs and maintenance kafeoborudvaneto and give such against consumption of coffeeOver time, the company's development goes forwardthe keen competition today VIVA A and M is a brand with its place on the Bulgarian market, which has a large own production base - a bakery for coffee, packaging machines for loose granular products (sugar, cream, instant coffee sweetener, 3in1, etc.), warehouses for raw and finished productsservice workshop for repair and maintenance of kafeoborudvane of available coffee machines and coffee grinders - new and second hand.

Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 from 21.04.2009g.

We have our own car parkthrough which cover the whole of BulgariaProfessional team of specialists in all our activities is always available to the client.

Company's motto is "Customer is №1"!

Trust usif you have not already done so, to prove you our qualityWe do not like to talk much, and prefer to workWe have no competitors, and colleagues with whom we work together, that's why we make custom with its logo coffeesugar packetscoffee creamer, sweeteners, etc. 3in1.

The company has over 30 kinds of selected raw coffee Arabica and Robusta through which we are able to do mixes even the most demanding customer according to his wishes and requirements for coffeeespresso, vending and other ways to prepare.

Call us because VIVA A and M can always be useful.