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Lelit PL72-P



This modern line of semi-professional grinders combines excellent performance with a design that has a strong personality. Drawn by the pencil of a designer, it stands out for the soft but determined lines, for the innovative form and the royal elegance. Our research and development department target was to give a rewarding user experience, combining quality, performance and ease of use and paying attention to every detail and component.


  • Micro-regulation of the grinding.
  • Coffee chute adjustable in height.
  • Wide tray for coffee rests.
  • Filterholder support in stainless steel.
  • LCC, with white control panel, to adjust the grinding time.
  • Partial and total doses counter.
  • Automatic grinder on demand
  • Satin stainless steel appliance body
  • Ø64mm flat mills
  • Productivity espresso: 2,8 g-s
  • Productivity cafe creme: 3 g-s.
  • Technical data

    Bean hopper capacity:350 g

    Dimensions LxDxH:14x22,5x38,5 cm


    Voltage:230-240V 50-60Hz - Available upon request also in 120V 60Hz

    Weight:6,6 kg

    Made in Italy


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Lelit PL72-P

  • 1,070.00 лв

  • Ex Tax: 1,070.00 лв

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